Apply to Become a WComm Expert


Are you a woman dedicated to women's empowerment? Are you a thought leader? Do you have passion, experience and insights you’re eager to share with others? 

If so, you’re exactly what we’re looking for. 

Become a WComm Expert.

As an Expert, you have the opportunity to empower women with WComm… 

By showcasing your unique perspective on topics related to Mind, Body, or Business.

Whether you’re an industry leader, an experienced professional, or a passionate enthusiast, we invite you to join our community of Experts and share your valuable insights with our audience.

You will provide 

  • A 15 minute video on a subject of your choice, to be hosted on our website and our YouTube channel 
  • Resources relevant to your subject to help and empower women, to be hosted on this website 

In turn, you will be 

  • Promoted to our audience via our website and YouTube channel - including your material, your business and your social media handles 
  • Respected as a thought leader and social pioneer within The Womanist Movement 

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